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Ergonomy brought to the sky


To fly over inhabited areas will certainly requier quietness. At CAPS we designed our aircraft in order for it to be as ergonomic as possible, mostly because the smallest the aircraft, the quietest. By analyzing already-existing eVTOL projects, we realized that a new design would be the key for a viable project. Based on drone's circular design, we managed to compact the aircraft in a smaller volume than an usual car, that combined with our will to offer a single-passenger mean of transportation makes the CAPS the most ergonomic aicraft on the market.



To ensure the maximum passengers' security, we came to the conclusion that a multi-rotor design allows for an optimal stability, and system failure prevention.

With his 100% electric aircraft, CAPS dreams of metropoles free of CO2 emissions and hope for its solution to be a spark of dynamysm and attractivity in western cities.

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Our CAPS is driverless. For each city, a mainframe transmits data to each of the fleet's drone. Before each trip, the CAPS will download the full route (direction, speed and height), after which its flight-controlling system autonomously carry out the passenger to destination.

Remotely safe ?

By being continuously connected to a control center, each CAPS will be able to react to any unpredictable events. In case of technical trouble or emergencies, a professional driver, localized in our operating center, will remotely take the control of the failing aircraft in order to land it safely.

Payload: 150 kg
Weight: 400kg
Autonomy: 20km
Speed: 70km/h
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