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Ergonomy brought to the sky


Flying through the air within inhabited areas will requier quietness. At CAPS we designed our aircraft in order to have it done the most easily and quietly possible. Regarding the existing flying vehicles currently existing, we realized that a new design was the roots of a viable project. Based on drone's circular design, we managed to compact the aircraft in a smaller volume than an usual car, and therefore proposing the most ergonomic quiet aircraft.



To ensure the maximum security to passengers, we concluded that a multi rotor design allows for the optimum condition. Powered by electricity, CAPS dreams of the 21 century's emission free metropole and meanwhile reduces, the noise arising from flights.

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Our CAPS is driverless. For each city, a mainframe transmits data to each of the drones in the fleet and before each trip, the CAPS will load the full route (direction, speed and height), and its flight-controlling system will do the rest. 

Remoted safety 

Being continuously connected to a control center, each CAPS will be able to react to any unpredictable events. Pathways modification are always practicables, and in case of technical trouble, a professional driver localized in our operating center, will remotely take control of the failing aircraft for a safe landing.

Payload: 150 kg
Weight: 400kg
Autonomy: 20km
Speed: 70km/h