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Paul Cassé


Recently graduated in finance from the ESSEC school, Paul attended universities among the most prestigious, e.g Cambridge and Harvard, in which he acquired key knowledge for the leadership of the CAPS  project


Kevin Laouer


Once Kevin graduated with a master's degree, he joined the Ecole Polytechnique as a physicist PhD student. In the mean time, Kevin also attended an online finance cursus at the University of Leicester.


Pierre De Châteaubourg


Pupil from the Ecole Normale Supérieur, Pierre has quiet an eclectic study path, and gathered skills in multiple scientific fields from different foreigner universities in the likes of Harvard. 

Our Story

Everythings started in 2018 when we met for the first time at ENS' physics classes. We are three young scientists passionated by new technologies and we quickly bonded through this shared center of interest. Being Parisian students, we had the opportunity to observe, year after year, the evergrowing problematic of urban transportation, the city's infrastructure saturation and the decrease of the air quality. As young concerned people, we started to look forward for an alternative that would be fueled by recent technological improvements.


Because we were within the most renouned laboratories, we were in the first row to observe and learn about many scientific and technological breakthroughs, in the likes of those in the batteries' density field. 


At that time, we then started to think it was time for the urban mobility that it was time for urban transportation to relocate into the third dimension: the sky.  


Motivated by the passion of aeraunotics, we imagined a brand new generation of aircraft whose technology in based on drone systems. By analyzing the roots of the urban mobility, we noticed that, interestingly, citizens spend about 70% of their daily travelss alone; while almost none of urban transportation means are single-passengers (such as cars). 


Time has come: the CAPS solution is now designed, made for single passenger trips, in urban areas, the aircraft has a  two-fold advantage of being small and entirely electric, which leads to a quiet flight with an optimum security, further backed by an entire aircraft parachute. 


Our dream is to succeed in providing a new way of transportation for cities. It is hard, today, to grasp the tremendous impact that such a change in our means of transportation could have on our lives, but this strongly beleive such solutions, on the long run, are meant to transform our cities faces for the better. Flying has always been a human fascination and we aim to make it a daily reality for most of us. One of our major goal is to implement that system at the lowest price possible, to provide a popular service that do not only address high-net-worth individuals.


   -The CAPS team




Smart transport solution

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